You can hear ‘Rules are rules’ by Dean Scott here:



The script demanded the following sound cue when Liam loses his temper with the PIP onboard computer in his car:

“In a fit of anger Liam starts smashing the PIP computer –

Mechanical beeps and error noises buzz from PIP –

Liam continues smashing PIP until it’s beeps die out” 


So…I decided to cover a mirror with sellotape…

I was about to smash this with a heavy rock.

I was about to smash this with a heavy rock.

…and with my fingers crossed, I wrapped it in the rug and started pounding it with a rock from the garden.  Surprisingly, mirrors are quite difficult to break.  But it added nicely to the play.

7 years bad luck for a decent sound effect.

7 years bad luck for a decent sound effect.

Over the top of the crunches from the mirror, I recorded a glass being smashed on our tiled kitchen floor.

Having uploaded the two sounds, I synchronised the thumps of the mirror to the actor’s grunts as he pummels the PIP computer.


Have a listen to ‘Rules are rules’ and listen out for the mirror!


I also needed some computerised beeps.  So naturally, I used my microwave.  In the edit, I changed the pitch, tone and took away some of the bottom end of the beeps using EQ settings to give it a more futuristic feel, as the play is set in the near future.

12 great plays by talented writers.

12 great plays by talented writers.

Recently, I have done post production on 12 plays with Tom Wentworth and Earcandy.


The plays can be heard here:


I have really enjoyed working with Tom (@tomthetwit) and I’m delighted to hear such fantastic feedback from Scriptography (@EarCandy_Plays) .


I’m going to update this blog with a few examples of how I managed to create the sounds for the Earcandy plays.  It’s been great fun!

Waves at Aberystwyth

I recorded the waves on a beautiful sunny day in Aberystwyth.  

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Special offer on reels

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Voice & commercial reels on special offer until end of Oct. Prices below £50.

Here’s an example of production quality:

Today I am proud to announce that AudioShorts are now producing & working in partnership with @MWMediaUK

Together we will be able to offer our clients the best services at the best prices.

This will have implications for voice over artists, actors, writers and singers.

Spread the word!

Vocal Records has been scheduled for recording on the first weekend of November.

I am currently sat on the train bound for London. In my bag are more scripts and pens than there are cast members. I have emergency food (crisps and chocolate) and for the first time tonight, the cast will be introduced to the cast.

This will be the catalyst for the production of my 25 minute pilot mockumentary, Vocal Records. The cast are an enthusiastic, ambitious group of people.

As, at this stage, everyone’s involvement, including my own, is voluntary, it has been tricky to arrange suitable dates. I really hope everyone continues to stay on board and continues to be so positive.